Ethos Technology provides a broad range of skills to enable our clients to choose, implement, and utilize technology to achieve their IT goals. We provide our clients with IT business knowledge and integrate both hardware and software solutions. Ethos Technology’s experience can provide solutions for a full range of client environments, from the small office – home office, (SOHO) operations to structured support and services required by the large enterprise operation.

Ethos Technology is committed to providing it’s clients with the best service possible. We keep up with current trends to make sure that we provide our clients with well informed solutions. Technologies change quickly, we will provide solid information that will not only fit your current needs but also scale as your needs change.

Our Services, Your Solutions

Web Application Design

Whether it’s for the web or for your intranet we can create the application that will fit the needs of your business. We have many years of experience working within corporate and small to medium business environments. We will help you identify your company needs and areas that need improvement, then deliver a quality solution.

Network Strategies

Ethos Technology will help your company determine the right Network Strategy for you as well as implement it. Whether it’s creating a new network or updating an existing one, we are the right choice. We will explain your networking options and benefits of each as well the best solution for you based on your budget and needs.


Our hosting solutions are built for your needs. We provide reliable and scalable hosting that integrates with all major development platforms.

Technology Consulting

We have experience and expertise in using a wide range of technologies. We can help you choose the ones that best fit your business. We can give you the solutions for your ideas. If you’re starting from scratch or building on an existing infrastructure, we can help you create an environment that can grow with your business.

We also provide training to best use the technology you have. From software to hardware, we will make sure you and your staff have the know how you need.

Contact Us

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Ethos Technology is based in Vancouver, BC.